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Big Announcement! 

Welcome to Computer Scrapbook


We are in the process of changing out all the paper sets on this site and replacing them with our new PNG format.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.


Site incorporated by  PrincessCrafts combines 9 digital Scrapbook membership sites into the largest digital scrapbook membership on the Internet.  Unlimited access and Unlimited downloads of more than 5000 digital computer scrapbook template pages.

Digital Scrapbook Membership has its privileges...  Get full details at:


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Soft Expression Pages


You 1st choice in Soft Bright Colored Digital Scrapbook Papers... so, please take you time and really enjoy the site.

All the thumbnail images are ready for your viewing pleasure in the Scrapbook Papers section. Please take a good look around at all the pages. You'll find there are currently 173 custom designs in multiple colors and layouts, some with transparent frames and some without. That makes for 554 individual digital printable papers. Enough to fill an optimized high speed CD!

Again, take your time and look around the site. We'll be adding some bonuses and a few more printable templates as we go, so don't be a stranger... check back once in a while.

You can getour premier newletter, thePrincessCrafts Newsletterdelivered to your in box each monthalong with all the details as they come for all the new sites opening in the next year. For Example, if you're a PrincessCrafts Newsletter Reader, you'll find out in advance about our coming Embellishment Membership site, the first of its kind on the net.  Soon, you won't have to buy your extras for your digital pages one set at a time.  Membership always has its privileges!

Every Newsletter comes with FREE digital goodies each month to add to your collection along with great articles, FREE software reviews and how to's. So, get in on all the coming attractions and be among the first to know about the latest tools and sites coming in the next few months.

If you're not a PrincessCrafts Newsletter subscriber... you're not saving all you can or getting all the tools that make Computer Scrapbooking all it is meant to be. Read the latest issue now...

More About The Site

Soft Expressions, Computer Scrapbook digital layout pages are the perfect addition to the busy scrapbookers tool box. You know that templates (digital scrapbook pages that are already for your photo's and journaling) save you hours and even days per scrapbook page. As busy parents, workers, seniors and travelers; finding the time to finish even one page is usually difficult, let alone, a whole book.
Computer digital scrapbook page templates let you be the master of your time while creating some of the most beautiful, cherished stories of your lifetime. No mess, no complicated processes and start and stop when you have the time... even as little as 20 minutes. 

Stop spending more time looking for pages than you do making pages. Your time is worth more than the small investment you'll make in hundreds of quality designs on this site.

Just think about it... even at minimum wage (and I know your time's worth more than that) in two hours of searching for so called FREE pages, you could have fully completed 4 to 6 (depending on organization) pages here. And in two hours... how many free pages did you locate? How many that really fit what you were looking for? How many more hours are you going to have to search to find the pages you need?
Here's the really big questions: If you were paying yourself, even just minimum wage... WHAT DID THOSE FREE PAGES COST YOU? EACH! Really, add it up. Get a paper and pencil if you need to, but really add it up!
Do you want to spend your hours searching for pages you might be able to use or do you want to spend your time creating the books you and generations to come will cherish and brag about?
If you answered the latter... then you had better press the Purchase information button above on the left and get started. How many pages you going to get done today?
Or, are you still looking for time to waste? It's your call.

Another Quality Custom PrincessCrafts Site.

P.S. If you're new to Computer or Digital Scrapbooking and want to find out if it's all we say it is... Get over to and sign up for our TOTALLY FREE Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course. Everything you need to go from beginner to intermediate scrapbooker, literally, overnight. We even provide the link to FREE Software to use in the course.
What do you have to lose? Except maybe all the wasted time you spend searching the internet.

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